Welcome to June baseball. We are already past the 1/3 mark of the season and teams like the Red Sox, Yankees, Astros and Brewers are on pace for 100+ wins on the season. On the other side of the coin, Miami, Cincinnati, White Sox, Kansas City and Baltimore are going to have to turn it around to avoid losing 100 or more games.

Attendance has been down so far in the 2018 season. Some blame a preponderance of bad weather, others say pitching has been too dominate too early. Whatever the reason, June is here, weather is improving and so should attendance.

The Yankees and Red Sox have electrified baseball in the AL with their torrid start, the Indians are where most experts predicted and the Astros are playing like returning champs. In the National League, the Nationals are atop the standings, the Cubs are looking up at the surprising Brewers and the Rockies are in rare air in first in the West. June is a shakedown month, one that starts to separate pretenders from contenders. It is also the month when coats can finally be left behind when heading to the ballpark.

It is a month when teams like Tampa, who have survived the fast start by New York and Boston, need to start making a move. It is a time when we’ll see whether it will be the Mariners, Angels or A’s who make a run at Houston. Will Minnesota or the Tigers get closer to the Tribe? Can Atlanta overtake the Nationals and what can the Mets or Phillies do to improve? The Pirates and Cardinals are in play right behind the Cubbies, and everybody in the NL West still has a shot.

June is the time when it’s time for managers to stop using “it’s still early” excuses as we’ll reach the halfway point before the month is over. It is also a terrific time to catch a game in person…in your short shirt sleeves. Its time to enjoy the boys of summer.