Are you putting all of your other plans on hold to watch Mike Trout play this season every time the Angels are playing a game on national TV or in your local market? Are you telling you family and friends to quit their jobs, rearrange their schedules, an do whatever it takes to watch the best player in baseball in the prime of his career put up one of the most impressive all-around offensive seasons in the history of the sport? If not, then what are you even doing with your life?

Even by his own impossibly high standards, Mike Trout’s 2018 campaign has been something special just two months into the season. His current WAR stands at 4.9, meaning if he maintains close to his current production and avoids injury, he could be looking at a 12+WAR season. If you’re thinking that’s rarefied territory, you would be right: It’s only happened five times in history for position players, and not at all since Carl Yastrzemski accomplished the feat in 1967. Bonds didn’t quite get there even when he was hitting 73 homers and getting walked almost every time he stepped up to the plate. Ted Williams didn’t reach 12 WAR for a season even when he was batting .400. But Trout just might.


And that’s on top of the fact that he’s on pace to put up a career-best OPS+ for the season (currently at 207)—a career category, by the way, for which he already ranks 6th all-time. You’ve probably heard of the five guys ahead of him, because their names are Ruth, Williams, Bonds, Gherig, and Hornsby.

Anything can happen over a 162-game season, and it’s certainly possible that an injury or a slump will render Trout’s 2018 campaign merely outstanding rather than historic. But that doesn’t mean that you’re excused from practicing good baseball fandom, so spend the rest of this season watching and appreciating this gift we’ve been given.