Memorial Day is a time to honor the soldiers who fought and died for the country. The Atlanta Braves made a statement with their social media account over the holiday weekend when they shared a powerful image.

The Atlanta Braves shared an image of a man holding an umbrella over a JROTC cadet. The cadet stood at attention by the Prisoner of War Missing in Action, or POW-MIA, Chair of Honor during the baseball game. The Braves vs. the Mets game in SunTrust Park resulted in a surprising moment that showed the power of respect.

Respecting the Military

The title of the image shared by the Atlanta Braves was respect. It spread quickly through social media as baseball fans spoke out about the value of respecting our military.

The POW-MIA Chair of Honor remains empty throughout baseball games. It is a tribute to the soldiers who sacrifice their lives for our nation. The baseball fan holding an umbrella over the JROTC cadet illustrates the respect the fans and the players have for active and retired members of the armed forces.

The Atlanta Braves made a statement with their Memorial Day image. They illustrated the value that set America apart and make baseball a popular sport. They showed the importance of giving respect and they garnered attention from baseball fans and the entire nation with their message.