The Seattle Mariners have a new slogan for 2018 and it’s comprised of one four letter word — Good. with a capital G. It doesn’t get much shorter and sweeter than this word. Inspired by a video by Jocko Willink, a retired Navy SEAL, this slogan is aimed at the team itself, unlike team slogans of recent years that were speaking straight to  the fans. After a year of injuries and other setbacks, the Seattle Mariners could use a simple word of old-school inspiration. Each player received a T-shirt with the new slogan on it, and the new slogan is posted in both English and Spanish in the team clubhouse.

Lots of good things are coming to Safeco Stadium this year as well. Here’s some of what fans can expect from home games in 2018.

Changes for the Better at Safeco Stadium

One of the best stadium and ballparks in the history of baseball is about to get better. Seattle’s Safeco Field is undergoing some improvements this year. Fans will be thrilled when they discover that changes have been made to entry policies for the purpose of minimizing wait times. However, these changes don’t entail compromising security. Metal detectors and other strategies designed to ensure fan safety will still be part of the picture at Safeco Stadium. Fans can expect expanded lanes, registration kiosks, and more staff and enhanced signage at exterior gates.

Exciting new food and beverage options are also slated for 2018. Safeco is also partnering with Sound Transit to provide free bus fare for those headed for Safeco Stadium to see a Mariners game. Fans will also be allowed to bring one clear plastic water bottle per person provided it’s 32-ounces or smaller starting this season.  Donuts, Texas-style barbecue, fresh Puget Sound seafood, and farm-to-fork creations from local chefs.

Mariner fans will discover even more good surprises as the season progresses.