The Major League Baseball (MLB) draft typically begins on the first Monday in June, which will be June 4 for 2018. That means it’s held in the middle of the playing season, unlike other professional sports drafts in the United States. Like the other major sports, however, the order of the MLB draft  is determined by the previous season’s final standings such that the worst team gets the first pick. The Detroit Tigers will have that privilege in 2018, with some outstanding prospects in pitching, hitting and speed.


Casey Mize will almost certainly be the first pitcher selected in the 2018 MLB draft, and he is also generally considered the most likely to be picked overall. The right-hander from Auburn has one of the most unhittable changeups in the draft, and he also has the best control of the MLB’s top 200 draft prospects. Mize just missed the cut for having one of the top fastballs in the draft, which is in the 92 to 97 mph range.


Nick Madrigal, right-handed second baseman from Oregon State, is one of the top hitters in the draft due to his ability to repeatedly hit hard line drives and control the strike zone. He has only struck out five times out of 135 appearances at the plate this season and is currently batting .395 after breaking his wrist earlier in the season. This average would have ranked Madrigal as an NCAA Division I leader if he had enough plate appearances to qualify.


Max Marusak, outfielder from Amarillo High School is one of the fastest players in the top 200. He can run from the right side of home plate to first base in under four seconds, and his 60-yard time is 6.4 seconds. Other top runners in this year’s draft include Jordyn Adams, Jawuan Harris and Kyler Murray.