With the last MLB expansion occurring 20 years ago when The Arizona Diamondbacks and the Tampa By Devil Rays, some think the time is right for another city or two to be added to the illustrious roster of those that play host to an MLB team. Rob Manfred, who has served as the MLB Commissioner since the year 2015, lists Montreal as a possible future candidate when the time comes for the organization to move forward with expansion.

Why Montreal?

Montreal has had an MLB team before — and furthermore, the city was the first outside of the United States to be included in the MLB. The Montreal Expos had a long run before the franchise was relocated to the capitol city of the United States and renamed the Washington Nationals.  The Nationals are the first MLB team to be hosted by Washington DC since the year 1971. The team’s performance has ranged from lackluster to respectable during the 14 years it’s been based in D.C.

But now, Montreal wants the Expos back, and they’re positioning themselves for the next MLB expansion. Even though some die-hard fans would love to see it happen, it’s highly doubtful that the Washington Nationals will return to Montreal. However, the city is actively courting other prospects, and Mayor Valerie Plante was meeting with prospective investors as recently as April of 2018, with an eye for the Oakland Athletics. The Oakland team is looking for a stadium, and rumors are flying that investors have been found for a new one to be built in Montreal. Other rumors that are just as think claim that that a stadium to replace Montreal’s iconic-but-decaying Olympic Stadium is little more than a pipe dream — and the A’s have made their preference for staying in California clear.

Nonetheless, if welcoming fans are any indication, Montreal is ready for a resurrection of the Expos. It helps that potential investors are saying that they’ll fund the stadium with their own funds rather than delving into the pockets of the taxpayers.