If you play fantasy baseball, you’ll appreciate this list of the highest ranking MLB pitchers and batters in 2018 so far, plus a little factoid about each one. Even if you don’t play fantasy baseball, but you just love the game, this list will knock your Red Sox off.

Top Five Ranked Pitchers in MLB

1. Justin Verlander tops the list with an Earned Run Average of just 1.11. Justin pitches for the Houston Astros and started his major league career in 2005.

2.  Jacob DeGrom is in second place with an ERA of 1.52 so far this year. Jacob pitches for the New York Mets and actually played shortstop while attending Stetson College.

3. In third place is Charlie Morton, with a 2.04 ERA. Charlie throws for the Houston Astros and was drafted straight out of high school by the Atlanta Braves in 2002.

4. Gerrit Cole, pitching for the Houston Astros, is in 4th place with a 2.05 Earned Run Average. Gerrit is reportedly pleased as punch to have been traded by the Pirates in the off season and onto a World Series team.

5. Finishing up in 5th place is Gio Gonzalez, with a 2.10, pitching for the Washington Nationals.  Apparently, Gio spends his off-time reading comic books and drawing.

Top Five Ranked Batters in MLB

1. With a .359 batting average, Mookie Betts tops the leaderboard. Hitting for the Boston Red Sox at the tender age of 25, Mookie actually had a .509 batting average in high school.

2. Ranked at #2, Scooter Gennet’s impressive .347 batting average is a good thing for his team, the Cincinnati Reds. Scooter, real name Ryan, named himself after his favorite Muppet.

3. Nick Markakis hits for the Atlanta Braves and has a batting average of .341. Nick and his wife started a foundation to benefit Baltimore troubled youth.

4. Los Angeles Dodgers batter Matt Kemp comes in 4th place with a batting average of .338. For almost a year, Matt Kemp dated singer Rihanna.

5. Finally, Andrelton Simmons of the Los Angeles Angels comes in with a .337 batting average. Simmons grew up in Curacao, where he was buddies with another baseball superstar, Didi Gregorious.