Will Portland, OR, Be the Next MLB City?

MLB expansion within the next several years seems inevitable, but some find it surprising that Portland, Oregon, tops some lists as the most promising candidate. Portland, after all, is known on a national level as being a artistically quirky city, leading some to wonder if its population would provide a proper fan base and general community enthusiasm necessary for an MLB franchise to thrive. Others, however, see abundant potential in the city of Portland when it comes to being the next city to host an MBL team. Underneath its offbeat surface beats the heart of a true sporting paradise — icon Phil Knight, after all, made his fortune in the City of Roses and continues to be an important voice in its community narrative. Portland residents have proven their devotion to existing sports teams such as The Trailblazers, and certain powers-that-be in Portland seem to be in agreement about its potential as an MLB city.

The Portland Diamond Project

The Portland Diamond Project is a movement that’s dedicated to developing a ballpark in Portland with the object of attracting an MLB franchise to the city. The organization’s goals include building a 32,000 foot stadium, developing workforce housing around the stadium, and creating a walkable neighborhood in the area. True to Portland principles, this well-funded group also plans on constructing the most environmentally friendly baseball stadium in the country. The proposed stadium will also provide a valuable community resource in the form of a year round venue for concerts and other entertainment options as well as civic events.

The Portland Diamond Project isn’t just all talk — the group means business, and they’re willing to spend significant sums to make themselves the best possible choice for MLB expansion. Other possibilities include Austin, Texas, Vancouver, Canada, San Jose, California, and Indianapolis, Indiana.